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Ennerdale Phantoms


Unfortunately rugby is in no way like any other sporting code. There are strict guidelines that we have to follow and failure to do so will result in jail time or a fine so big that would compel me to sell my house and every possession I have. Claiming ignorance is not an excuse. As we all know the road to hell is paved with good intensions.

I would like to remind parents that we are not a club. Yes we are affiliated to the Golden Lions Rugby Union as such, but legislation requires every club to be legally compliant and we pride ourselves on the fact that we are a legitimate organisation. No organisation can survive without properly registered members, and therefore every single recipient of our development program will have to be registered.

With an average of 60 kids on a weekend you probably want to know how many in total. Well, judging from the attendance register taken on Saturdays there are 100 in total. Half of which have completed registration forms. Our goal is to double this before the end of this season. It is important that we not only do this for the kids but would like to encourage parents to register. This constitutes a portion of our income generated and shows to possible sponsors that we have some kind of steady income that we can generate on our own annually.

A second stream of income is from the sale of apparel. We have acquired some branded T-Shirts that we hope to sell at R30.00 per T-Shirt. We also agreed at the start of the clinics that we would charge a R20.00 per month in payment for us rendering the coaching clinics. If we should work on the current numbers at our clinics totaling 100 kids should give us the following numbers in funds generated from members

We can only have this done if we are pedantic about our administration process around the clinics, as well as the registration process of the coaches allocated to the schools. To date we have largely focused on the following Primary schools. Saint George, Poseidon, Spectrum, Mid Ennerdale, and Odin Park. One drawback is that the coaches deployed in these schools still need guidance on how the work operate and do administration relating to the kids that form part of their coaching and the drills they do on a daily basis. They have received the necessary training to coach in the form of an IRB Level 1 coaching course.

The reason for our Saturday clinics is to introduce training drills progressively and this is extended at the schools to reinforce what was done at the clinics. That way we ensure that all the kids are at the same level and thus progress at the same speed. At these clinics the coaches involved get the guidance on how to coach the game at elementary level from the experienced coaches and members like myself and other senior members who have been doing this for a good number of years.



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